Through The Culture Cards, our goal is to create a movement by collaborating with talent in an effort to bridge the gap between urban culture and emerging technologies.

Start Minting

The Culture Cards are moving to Solana!

If you are a holder of an ETH card do not worry!

All ETH cards have been upgraded to the "OG Genesis" classification! Because these are the very first cards ever made, their value will undoubtedly increase, as just a few releases have been made, implying even more rarity!

Why Solana?

Reasons Why Solana is a better eco-system!

Lower Gas Fees

It allows you to shop our NFT with cheaper transaction charges. The gas fees on the Solana blockchain are pretty cheap, in average fraction of cents!

Faster Network

Solana is the world’s fastest blockchain. It uses a more efficient way for confirming transactions, which results in a very resilient network that can endure disruption.

User Friendly

Solana is a high-performance and high functional decentralised blockchain built with the goal to enable the scalability of user-friendly applications.

New Culture Cards Supply

100 Silver
50 Gold
5 Black
1 Diamond

TOTAL: 156 CARDS (Per Artist/architect)

155 will be sold as random (silver / Gold / Black)
The unique Diamond will be auctioned.

Upcoming Drop:
30 Artists/Architects

3000 Silver
1500 Gold
150 Black
30 Diamond


Holding a Culture Card grants you access to:

  • TCC's new hip-hop-inspired P2E (Play to Earn) game and metaverse give players access to members-only advantages, unlocking incentives, and awards for playing.
  • Exclusive TCC Membership cards.
  • Special Incentives per architect/pioneer. (Ticket to Concerts Meets & Greets, Zoom Calls, Merch and more).
  • The Culture Business Club (CBC) is a private club open only to NFT holders and culture architects/pioneers. It consists of bi-weekly virtual meetings through Zoom to discuss how to move our community forward.
  • Anyone who has minted or holds one or more of the cards from the first ETH drop will get airdropped the equivalent (from the new Solana ecosystem) of the cards they have.
  • Every "OG Genesis" cardholder will also get a bonus airdrop from the forthcoming Solana drop.
  • You have priority access to all future Culture Cards Whitelists if you have a card from the new Solana drop.

Card Description


  • Hip Hop
  • Soul / Rnb
  • Moments Of The Culture
  • Street Legends
  • Afro
  • Latin
  • Dancehall / Reggae
  • World / International


  • Iconic
  • Legendary
  • Phenomenal
  • Outstanding
  • Popular


  • Artists
  • Architects
  • Dynamic Duo
  • Collective
  • Fusion
  • Prime
  • Deluxe
  • Albums


  • Silver (Rare)
  • Gold (Super Rare)
  • Black (Exclusive)
  • Diamond (Unique)



  • Lyrics
  • Flow
  • Wordplay
  • Charisma
  • Energy
  • Swag
  • Stage Perf
  • Music Video
  • Hits
  • Cultural Impact


  • Influence
  • Reputation
  • Charisma
  • Legacy
  • Longevity
  • Leadership
  • Hits / Success
  • Pioneer
  • Business Mind
  • Cultural Impact

Dynamic Duo

  • Lyrics
  • Chemistry
  • Charisma
  • Cultural Impact
  • Energy
  • Stage Perf
  • Body Of Work
  • Hits / Classics


  • Silver (Rare)
  • Gold (Super Rare)
  • Black (Exclusive)
  • Diamond (Unique)


  • Lyrics
  • Chemistry
  • Charisma
  • Cultural Impact
  • Energy
  • Stage Perf
  • Body Of Work
  • Hits / Classics

Points System


  • Popular - 150 Pts
  • Outstanding - 300 Pts
  • Phenomenal - 500 Pts
  • Legendary - 800 Pts
  • Iconic -1000 Pts


  • Silver - 250 Pts
  • Gold - 500 Pts
  • Black - 1000 Pts
  • Diamond - 5000 Pts

How it Works

Connect or Create a Wallet

Like crypto, to buy and store NFTs you need a wallet. If you don’t have one, we will help you to create it. Create or Connect a Wallet

Buy Cards

Own one or several Culture Cards by choosing among live collection and buy it with SOL. Browse Collections

Play, Enjoy and Trade

Owning cards will give you access to games, memberships, and exclusive goods, events and so much more. Create or Connect a Wallet

Our Goals

Celebrate Hip-Hop Culture & Pioneers

We are bringing Hip-Hop Pioneers to the Blockchain and getting fans to celebrate the architects of The Culture.

Give ownership to Hip-Hop fans

Use NFTs to give back control of the Culture to the community and provide an alternative to the current state of business.

Give back to the community

We are sending 2% of each sale into a community wallet, to help pioneers and architects who needs support.

Executive Team

Fred Frenchy

CEO / Founder


COO / Talent Relations


Chief Legal Officer


Business Development / Virtual Host


Frontend Design


Project Manager / 3D Designer


Community Manager


Smart Contract Developer


SEO/ Public Relations

Advisory Board

Amina Diop

Music Executive /
SVP A&R Universal Republic


Hip Hop Legend /
Co-host of Drink Champs Podcast

Donovan Brown

Entrepreneur /
Community Manager at Venice Music

Gildas Samba

Entrepreneur /
Blockchain investor

Beverly Bond

Entrepreneur /
Founder of Black Girls Rock

Karl Kani

Iconic Fashion Designer /
Godfather of Streetwear

Mike Tyson

Cultural Icon

DJ Efn

Legendary Dj /
Co-host of Drink Champs podcast


Entrepreneur /
Public Speaker


Hip Hop Enthusiast

Franck Migan

Chairman of TCC International /
African Market

Peggy Botrand

Chairman TCC International /
African Market


Chairman TCC International /
French Market

Dj Trix

Blockchain and project advisor /
Solana and Magic Eden Guru


Dj / Influencer /
Blockchain enthusiast

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